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Lokahi Volleyball Club Juniors 2014


Beach Cleanup - This Sunday, October 26; Meet at the Kalaeloa Campgrounds at 7:45 a.m. Go here for a map. Wear covered shoes and bring work gloves. Picnic to follow. Hats and sun block advisable.

• The many Lokahi players who have been playing for their schools and also any prospective new 14U (to 9U) players should come out during our 14U trial period, which begins on October 22. We will require that 14U commit starting November 15th and close registration to any further 14U on the 22nd. Go here to see the USAV Aloha Region try-out policy (depending on age) and see our Calendar and the main Lokahi site for how those dates translate into trial and commitment periods for all Juniors at Lokahi.

• Fundraising by selling "Passports" for Festivals of Giving at both the Ward Center and the Windward Mall is ongoing. Contact Jackie to pick up Passports to sell. You can also pre-sell your Passports, during the days of the Farmer's Market at the Windward Mall. See the Calendar for dates and times; sign up with Jackie. We will also be manning tables at both of those locations during the second weekend in November.

• All those intending that their 14U daughters travel this coming season are required to help work fundraisers; all benefit goes to the 14U teams that travel.

• We have a break until November from fundraising at SSC. Mahalo to all those who pitched in and helped to make it more like fun than work; let's keep it up! Note that the personnel reporting times shown on the Calendar are kept current.

• Sign-up for working the Honolulu Marathon in December is also ongoing. If you have not yet signed-up, please do so with Coach Courtland.