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This site was built to feature and promote all Lokahi Junior Girls, however, coaches of teams other than the mainland travel Teams declined to participate, so it came to only showcase those travel Teams. The Old Dog who built this site was privileged to coach those travel Teams and the same core group of girls since they began as 11U, continuing through when they were 14U, and had committed, as requested by the girls and their parents, to continue doing so until they went off to college. Because that will now not be allowed at Lokahi, the reason and incentive for this site no longer exist, so it will no longer be updated. The remaining Lokahi Volleyball Club site can be found here.

Aloha nui loa to the girls and their parents!

2015 14U

2015 Lokahi Volleyball Club 14U Juniors

2014 14U

2014 Lokahi Volleyball Club 14U Juniors

2013 12U

Lokahi Volleyball Club 12U Juniors