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Lokahi Volleyball Club Juniors 2014


• Even with both Teams short-handed, our 14U Gold Team took 3rd in their pool of 5 teams, scoring at least 21 points against every opponent, and our 14U Red team won their pool and came in 2nd overall, losing 29-31 in the championship at McKinley on Saturday, Feb 28.

• Our 14U Red Team, once again augmented, won both their pools but lost in the championships so finished second in their Feb 21 tournament at BYUH. They competed hard all day long, finishing at 7:30 p.m., so can hold their heads up.

• Congratulations to the augmented 14U Red Team for winning the Feb 14 tournament at KVG, going undefeated in the process.

• For January and February, the 14UTT (only) will practice on most Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-9 pm, at MVC. SHA gym will also be available Mondays and Wednesdays during February for other Lokahi teams. The 14UTT will practice at SHA only on Monday February 16 (6-8 pm) when MVC will be closed. Check our Calendar regularly for when and where there will be practice. With the resumption of week night and Saturday evening RHS practices, we will no longer practice on Sundays.

• Our fundraising work for Sodexo continues. Sign up online to help! Personnel reporting times are shown on our Calendar and are kept current.

• All whose daughters will travel to the mainland with the 14UTT during the 2015 season are required to help work fundraisers; all benefit goes to the 14UTT.

• Registration has closed for this season; no additional members will be accepted. Go here for details.